Aspen Peak Snowshoe

This was a few months back not long after the mountains above Santa Fe had received a fresh blanket of snow. It had been awhile since I had done any hiking up at altitude and I wanted to put my snowshoes through their paces before I needed to put them on for a search. Lucky thing I did, since I blew a rivet out on my way up!

Aspen Peak isn’t a long hike by any stretch of the imagination if you leave from the Ski Santa Fe parking lot. Following the Windsor Trail a short way north to the Wilderness Gate, the peak is only a short distance away. Granted, when you are breaking trail through deep snow, it seems a little farther away than it really is!

It was a cold bright day and the snow was in great shape. In addition to giving me a chance to move some clean, cold air through the old lungs, it gave me a chance to play with a new panoramic program for my camera phone. While I do work with a DSLR on many of my hikes, I always have my phone with me and some times I just don’t want to carry the extra weight!

More hikes coming soon!



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